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Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Rules of the Game

As I discussed in my initial post, I'm hoping to make a big impact on the enormous problem of the impact of global climate change. But, in order to gain some momentum on this project we'll have to start with the rules of the game...

Think of this as a "reality blog." It's like a reality TV show in that you will get to see the drama that will undoubtedly unfold as my family takes steps to lower our fossil fuel consumption. At times, you will surely find our adventure to be exciting and rewarding, and at times it is likely to be a struggle and call for sacrifice.

In the upcoming posts I will detail all of the information that I can find, one subject at a time, that we can use on our quest. My goal is to keep the information simple to follow, useful and evidence-based.

Your job is to let me know how you are applying the information that we'll be learning along the way, and to let me know if you have learned complementary or conflicting information from other sources.

Additionally, I strongly encourage you to spread the word about this blog and its goals to everyone that you know. I recently heard of a blog where a man bartered from a paper clip up to a house. It was a cool and interesting story, but far less important than this one. So, if this blog can generate as much interest and excitement as that one then I believe that there is hope for our children, grandchildren and beyond to survive the energy consumption habits of us, our parents and grandparents. Previous generations did not know the effect that their lifestyle was going to have on future generations. But, we do know now, and it is essential that we demonstrate that those of us who are aware are taking the steps that will preserve the future. It will not always be easy, but it will be a Green Adventure!

Join us!


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