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Thursday, July 27, 2006

A UVA professor! Now, I'm really mad!

I just received 2 links exposing 2 very frustrating ad campaigns that are out to discredit the science of global warming in the name of profits. They may turn out to be untrue. So, as always, verify for yourself. But, I'm posting them here since I'm angry that the "scientist" (a UVA environmental sciences professor) behind this campaign would take $100,000 in exchange for the planet's future. I'm a UVA science grad and am personally offended by his actions. I don't think that Mr. Jefferson would be very happy! I wonder if he has any kids? To all of my UVA friends: what should we do about this? and

As always, send me your ideas...


  • We should all write to the alumni association stating our outrage and that we will be withhold any future support for a university that allows it facility behave is such a manner. Free Speech and dissenting voices are welcome. False and misleading information is not.

    By Blogger Mark, at 6:41 AM  

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