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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Let the Game Begin! (Keeping Score)

Well, I have talked with several of you over the past week about how we're going to keep track of who's winning the game! No competitive people here! :)

So, I've come up with a solution based on an excellent suggestion given to me by a friend. Google has spreadsheets that can be shared over the web. So, I'm inviting all of you to view and edit the "Fuel Challenge" spreadsheet (in a separate email) so that you can keep track of the gallons of gas that you purchase each month. Give yourself or your family a nickname on the spreadsheet (FYI we are the "green" family) and then keep track of how many gallons of gas you buy each month for your car(s). It's up to you to choose whether to keep track of your whole family together, or if you want to compete individually (against your husband, wife, teen or whatever) feel free to enter as individuals. We choose to enter as a family even though that will put us at a relative disadvantage in the game since it is a more accurate representation of our overall footprint. And, the honor system applies here... so no cheating! :)

One more thing... don't give up if you seem to be falling behind! There will be other challenges and the overall winner will be determined based on the results of the whole game. And, if you want to invite someone else (or yourself) to the competition send me an email and I will add them (you) to the list of people who may view/edit the spreadsheet. Also, if you get a late start, please still participate, even if you can't win this challenge it will be a valuable win for the planet when more and more people decide to play the game... and you'll still have time to win other challenges! (Think of it as a chance to get a yellow jersey on the next stage of the Tour!) So, most importantly, jump in and play! The game begins August 1st! 3 days and counting!!!

Have Fun!

Coming up soon... more easy ways to shrink your footprint, and Challenge #2! Stay tuned...


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